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We. For You.

About us

Why GER +?

Safety. With added comfort.

We want to make the average day easier for everybody. Improvements and support in daily routines: that is our mission, that is what motivates us every day.
Our first product is all about the most basic of all human activities: breathing! Facilitating this basic need is therefore truly worth the effort.
Please have a look around, discover our products and write us about all the challenges that you stumble upon on your average day - so that we can think about how to solve them. For you.
Daniel Gerjets

Daniel Gerjets


I am Daniel Gerjets, Engineer and Founder of GER +. I am the creative head behind our products and am responsible for the processes an structures of the business. Do you have ideas or comments for us? Please write us via contact form or mail and let’s start a conversation!

Fabian Regnery

Fabian Regnery


My name is Fabian Regnery, and at GER +, I do what I learned as a startup partner at Wildschytz UG: I organize the technical infrastructure and create opportunities for growth. Speaking of growth: our next steps are already in the making – and they will be exciting!

Nils Jessen

Nils Jessen


I am Nils Jessen.  I have gained experience in the startup business with kartigami and work as a business consultant. At GER +, I deliver the input for marketing processes and campaigns and I give ideas concerning business processes and structures. Let’s roll!

Lighten up your average day.