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Since ATEM PRO is a completely new product that has never been seen before, there are some frequently asked questions that we want to answer here:

Can I do without the mask if I use ATEM PRO?

The ATEM PRO is a product that improves the mask. Therefore, ATEM PRO only works in conjunction with the face mask.

Will the function of the mask be restricted by ATEM PRO?

No. ATEM PRO creates an air tunnel that points to your own body. Aerosols that make it through this air tunnel are caught by the upper body of the mask wearer. ATEM PRO also ensures that the mask is worn correctly and that both the mouth and nose are covered. In this way, it even ensures that the mask works properly.

Is the ATEM PRO material suitable for my skin?

ATEM PRO is made from a plastic called polylactate. This plastic is also used in sportswear, cosmetics and food packaging. It is skin-friendly, biodegradable and water-repellent.

What is the advantage of ATEM PRO over a face shield or a chin mask?

1. In contrast to chin masks and visors, ATEM PRO ensures that no aerosol-contaminated air flows upwards, forwards or to the side. The exhaled air is only directed downwards onto your own upper body, so that the environment remains protected. This results in:
2. ATEM PRO is corona-compliant. In most federal states, for example, face shields are not allowed because they are not corona-compliant.
3. ATEM PRO is more comfortable to wear. It only touches the face at the nose and chin and does not restrict the field of vision.

Can I wear the ATEM PRO in the hospital?

ATEM PRO works well with surgical masks and even ensures that these masks do not get wet so quickly. However, you should not use ATEM PRO in the following situations:
– when you are lying down, because the air you breathe can then not only spread downwards, but also horizontally
– if your work environment requires complete sterility, as this can only be guaranteed if the air you breathe is 100% filtered. For example, you cannot use fabric masks or FFP2 masks with a valve there.

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